Getting Started


Roadmap for 2018

Quarter 1

Logo Rebranding
Logo rebranding for Vsync.

New wallet update
We are updating our GUI software and are updating a few files for future features.

New Website
New website with all new information on Vsync.

Our new white paper will be published in many different languages.

Expanding Official Team
Official announcements on the new people who will join our team. This will continue throughout 2018.

Quarter 2

Ad. Campaign
We will be placing ads all over the Cryptospace promoting Vsync. This will continue throughout 2018.

Listing on Exchanges
We will be actively seeking new exchanges. This will continue throughout 2018.

Merchandise Acceptance
Online stores start accepting Vsync for payment.

Official Subreddit
Getting our reddit community together making posts and sharing ideas.

Quarter 3

Paper Wallet
Opening our paper wallet website so you can lock your funds offline in a safe place.

Mobile Wallet
Mobile android wallet release to monitor your funds on the go.

Community Forum Launch
Community forum where we can get together, chat, share ideas and more.

Quarter 4

Wallet Design & Core Update 0.12.1
The Vsync core development team will be continually maintaining and updating Vsync’s code to ensure we are in sync with Bitcoin functionality and features.

Masternode Sharing Service
Building a website to enable masternode sharing for the community.

ZeroCoin Protocol
ZeroCoin implemented direct anonymous payments between parties.

Governance Voting
Allowing users to vote on team decisions and proposals.

Roadmap for 2019

Quarter 1

Masternode Auto Setup
Users will be able to easily setup a masternode from within the QT wallet user interface.

In Wallet Proposal Tab
Users will be able to easily perform governance functions from within the QT wallet user interface.

In Wallet Voting Tab
Users will be able to easily to vote for all VSX proposals from within the QT wallet user interface.

Quarter 2

Elastic Blocksize
Block size will automatically adjust on demand to ensure the best user experience. VSX will be able to scale on mass consumer adoption.

I2P Network Integration
I2P network uses a fully peer to peer decentralized model. More robust, secure and much faster over other models such as TOR.

Listing on decentralized exchanges
VSYNC will be working hard to have VSX listed on decentralized exchange. This will continue throughout 2019.

Quarter 3

Dandelion Protocol
Alternative layer of protection for users privacy making sender’s IP virtually untraceable. Preventing blockchain analysis from linking IP addresses to wallet addresses.

Segregated Witness (Segwit) Integration
We are adding Segwit to our network. Allows the numbers of transactions per block on VSYNC’s network to be increased.

Continued Team Recruiting
We will continue to look for new members for our team. This will continue throughout 2019.

Quarter 4

Lightning Network
Lightning is a decentralized network using smart contract functionality in the blockchain to enable instant payments across a network of participants.

Atomic Swap
Implementation of Atomic Swap to Vsync’s network allowing Vsync and another currency to be traded in a safe trustless exchange between two parties. Atomic swap eliminates the need of an Escrow or any third party centralized app allowing safer, secure and faster exchange.

Smart Contract Implementation
We start using smart contracts on our network. Enhancing the process of buying and selling allowing for true integration into mainstream commerce.

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